Expert surveying and consultancy services


Our surveying, consultancy and business advisory teams play an integral role in the business partnership we have with our clients.
We are trusted advisers and also the resource and Outside expertise many lean on when it comes to managing a portfolio of retail or business parks or an estate of properties right across the UK.
Our teams work nationwide creating clear, easy to understand surveys and reports providing a detailed picture of the condition of the external environment at your properties.
These documents provide the insight you need to make informed planned maintenance decisions, managing your budgets and the expectations of stakeholders, whether they be in-house or tenants and clients.
Our experts work closely with client project teams to develop detailed Planned Preventative Maintenance plans, resulting in accurate budget forecasting and effective delivery, ensuring any projects we undertake have the minimum of impact on day to day operations or retail sales.

All the Outside expertise you will need

Stay ahead of the game and effectively manage your budgets and the expectations of clients, tenants and other stakeholders by tapping into our Outside expertise.

NMC is a different kind of service provider with teams across the UK ready to undertake any surfacing, civil engineering, line marking or waterproofing projects you may have, but also importantly to provide the advice and expertise you need. 

Take a look at the kinds on surveying, consultancy and advisory services we can provide, and if you need to help in some other way don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll let you know whether we can help.


  • Condition surveys and reports
  • Budgetary advice
  • Preventative maintenance planning

It’s the way we do it that makes us the smart choice

It’s not just our skills and expertise in surfacing that make NMC the only outside expertise you’ll need. Here’s nine great reasons to choose NMC to deliver OUTSIDE expertise:

  1. Expert managers driving a revolutionary business
    Paperless systems operated by your expert team led by your key contact.
  2. National service delivered with a local touch
    A single point of contact in a single service provider with teams to visit sites and deliver projects locally.
  3. Excellent value and pragmatic problem solving
    The experience and knowledge to provide options and alternative solutions helps you manage expectations, budgets and stakeholders. We often operate without affecting opening or operating hours.
  4. A service provider you can rely on
    To deliver, to give impartial pragmatic advice and to safeguard the reputation of your business.
  5. A quality product delivered with pride
    Keeping promises, top quality work, the best materials and a team focused on your total satisfaction.
  6. Unparalleled experience in the retail sector
    As a leading service provider we have a clear understanding of the impact these works can have on your business. Our skills and expertise can overcome these
  7. Minimise the impact of onsite maintenance
    Commercially aware, our teams will suggest the lowest impact solution.
  8. innovative solutions informed by experience
    We’ve one eye on innovation and another on whether those innovations deliver what you need.
  9. Uncompromising approach to safety
    You won’t find shortcuts in safety to reduce costs, that’s not how we operate.

Outside expertise means peace of mind

Outside expertise is how we summarise our ability to handle all of your surfacing, civil engineering, waterproofing, line marking, consultancy and surveying needs.

Start to work with NMC and you’ll understand why we’re the only Outside expertise you’ll need to keep the external environment at your retail, office or commercial site in top condition. Take a look at some of our other capabilities through the links below.

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