Outside expertise

NMC is an independent surfacing, drainage and civil engineering turnkey car park maintenance provider.
Experts in our field we provide nationwide outside expertise to some of the UK’s leading companies.


At home and in business, everyone uses the knowledge and skills of experts. The challenge is always selecting the right partner.

In business you need a provider that you can trust; one that operates with integrity and that has the skills, knowledge and capability to deliver complex projects again and again across multiple sites across the UK.

Working with some of the UK’s biggest brands, NMC has a hard-earned reputation for consistently delivering high quality projects, a typical project for NMC ranges in size from £10,000 up to £2M, in 2020 we have already delivered over 500 successful projects for our customers. If you’re responsible for your business or sites looking good on the outside, then make us your first choice specialist service provider to help with our Outside expertise.

As Outside Experts our services spread further than simply Surfacing, we also offer civil engineering, drainageline marking, specialist coatings and surveying services. Our range of in-house skills means that we can deliver a complete car park refurbishment, construction and maintenance service and be the only Outside expertise you will ever need.

Take a look below at 9 great reasons that make NMC the first choice for so many well-known brands and businesses:

ONE :: Expert managers driving a revolutionary business

Our modern and structured approach to projects, together with the expertise of our teams of estimators, account managers, project managers, contract managers and site managers, ensures we always deliver a simple and hassle-free project.

We believe in having the right experienced individual expertly playing their part in the project, all co-ordinated through our end-to-end business systems by your account manager as your single point of contact. You’ll be confident we’ll deliver when you experience our professionalism.

TWO :: Benefit from a national service delivered with a local touch

No matter where you or your sites are in the United Kingdom, our account managers are always available to discuss your projects.

We’ll visit your site in person so that all proposals are written with an accurate understanding of your requirements. This ensures we have the information to provide the most accurate quotation possible.

With teams on-hand to work in your area and a local supply chain for materials, we’re ready to respond as and when reactive works are required.

THREE :: Excellent value and pragmatic problem solving

You can rely on us from start to finish. We take a pragmatic approach to problem solving and are sensitive to the internal and external stakeholders and your budgetary constraints and pressures.

It’s simple. We quote for a job well done by a well-trained team, operating in a safe manner using high quality products. If you want something less than that then we’re probably not the partner for you.

Dedicated account managers help you to keep stakeholders informed and up-to-date. Our experienced team of estimators scope out your site before writing a detailed proposal explaining various options and solutions. Our capable staff are empowered to make decisions and react promptly to challenges should they arise, and you can make an informed decision that’s right for your business

FOUR :: A service provider you can rely on

Clients continue to work with NMC because they trust us to deliver and to safeguard the reputation of their business.

They trust our account managers as a single point of contact to work hard on their behalf.

Relying upon our experts to give balanced, realistic and honest advice based on a knowledge of the project, the site and their internal stakeholder issues and our teams with their reputation, to represent their business positively and to deliver an excellent project.

FIVE :: Invest in a quality product delivered with pride

You might think that it goes without saying, but NMC never compromise on quality. We deliver on our promises and don’t cut corners on time or materials to improve our bottom line.

From everyone at our regional offices to the team onsite, we take pride in doing a great job. Whatever the scale of a project you can be assured we apply the same level of professionalism and quality of workmanship that is associated with the NMC brand.

NMC know that a great result is about more than superficial appearance, it is the effort invested below the surface that matters to make your experience, that of your stakeholders and that of your customers nothing but positive.

SIX :: Unparalleled experience in the retail sector

Unlike those contractors that mainly work on highways or undertake more general projects, NMC is a specialist in working in the challenging retail sector. Our clients trust us to play our part in their brand experience in three ways.

  1. We make sure you make the right first impression by managing and maintaining your external retail environment.
  2. We make sure that we don’t compromise your customers’ experience in any way. Our team works as if they were part of yours – our aim is that any interaction we have with your customers is nothing but positive.
  3. We understand the potential effects of maintenance work and how that could adversely affect your retail sales. Our job is to minimise or make sure that doesn’t occur.

No other surfacing, civil engineering and waterproofing specialist can boast as much retail expertise and protect your brand experience like NMC. Put yourself in our safe hands.

SEVEN :: Minimize the impact of onsite maintenance

We all know that surfacing and civil engineering work inevitably leads to some disruption for you and your customers. They view us as part of your business, and will hold you accountable should we be anything other than first class in what we do.

NMC is the right choice to minimise the impact of any work, manage the site safely and effectively, protecting your brand name along the way.

EIGHT :: Benefit from innovative solutions informed by experience

Knowledge of the latest techniques and products allows us to offer innovative surfacing and civil engineering solutions. Everything we do is informed by years of experience and our knowledge of proven solutions and technologies.

We provide the information you need to make an informed choice based on quality, longevity and value for money.

NINE :: Experience our uncompromising approach to safety

We take our health and safety obligations seriously and never make shortcuts to reduce costs.

Your bespoke project proposal will outline all of the vital steps required to minimise the risks onsite, safeguarding your team and customers.

To help with this NMC have a dedicated health and safety manager, keeping us up to date by implementing safe working practices. We have the right people, using the right equipment in the right way.