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Seal and make watertight surfaces, an ideal solution for use on top decks of Multi-Storey Car Parks or service deck areas.

What we can do for you…

We offer an excellent waterproofing solution for roadways as well as large commercial roofs, protecting your investment, property, and people. This complements our range of services and ensures that we have the in-house skills to deliver a complete car park construction and/or maintenance service.

We install proprietary mastic asphalt and resin coating systems that offer a protection and longevity resulting in a quality cost effective solution.
Our waterproofing crews are equipped to undertake large scale projects and many of the systems that we use come with 10, 15 and often 20-year insurance backed guarantees.

Failure in the waterproofing element can result in damage to the structural integrity of your property and cause major disruption to the occupiers.


The core objective of a waterproofing system is to seal and make watertight the top deck of a Multi-Storey Car Park or service deck area. Resin systems create additional flexibility to add a variety of colour and brand to existing areas.

With over 1,000 colours available, design opportunities are endless, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment and enhance the safety of your site. Resin systems can be installed with multiple colours ideal for demarcation such as walkways, disabled bays and parent and child, these solutions can also include an anti-slip feature.

Resin systems are compatible with virtually all substrates, including asphalt, concrete and steel, the robust proven solution that can withstand the most challenging of trafficked environments.

Our resin waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems preserve their appearances over time and maintain skid resistance, enhancing safety and navigation.

The resin waterproofing system can be applied quickly and is ready for use within hours of application, Our resin solutions hold a service life of 10+ years.

Mastic Asphalt…

The completely seamless, Mastic asphalt waterproofing system uses advanced polymer technology resulting in the perfect combination for long term durability, enhanced fatigue resistance and ease of installation.

Due to its robustness, the coarse aggregate can be laid to suit existing thicknesses and /or type of traffic. Proven to withstand continuous vehicle traffic, the system also features a high standard skid resistance.

Our Mastic Asphalt systems have a 20 year service life and feature an enhanced, low-temperature flexibility, ensuring resistance to cracking, as well as a high-temperature stability to minimise deformation.

Our Education Capabilities


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It’s the way we do it that makes us the smart choice

It’s not just our skills and expertise in surfacing that make NMC the only outside expertise you’ll need. Here’s nine great reasons to choose NMC to deliver OUTSIDE expertise:

  1. Expert managers driving a revolutionary business
    Paperless systems operated by your expert team led by your key contact.
  2. National service delivered with a local touch
    A single point of contact in a single service provider with teams to visit sites and deliver projects locally.
  3. Excellent value and pragmatic problem solving
    The experience and knowledge to provide options and alternative solutions helps you manage expectations, budgets and stakeholders. We often operate without affecting opening or operating hours.
  4. A service provider you can rely on
    To deliver, to give impartial pragmatic advice and to safeguard the reputation of your business.
  5. A quality product delivered with pride
    Keeping promises, top quality work, the best materials and a team focused on your total satisfaction.
  6. Unparalleled experience in the retail sector
    As a leading service provider we have a clear understanding of the impact these works can have on your business. Our skills and expertise can overcome these
  7. Minimise the impact of onsite maintenance
    Commercially aware, our teams will suggest the lowest impact solution.
  8. innovative solutions informed by experience
    We’ve one eye on innovation and another on whether those innovations deliver what you need.
  9. Uncompromising approach to safety
    You won’t find shortcuts in safety to reduce costs, that’s not how we operate.

Outside expertise means more than just surfacing

Civil Engineering


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Consultancy and Surveying

All the services you’d expect of a first-class waterproofing service provider…

We offer a water tight service from our waterproof division take a closer look at some of our services through the links below: