NHS trusts and major health care businesses choose NMC as their service provider for civil
engineering, surfacing and external environment work right across the UK

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As a nationwide brand NMC has the outside expertise you need right on your doorstep.

NHS trusts and major health care businesses trust us with their civil engineering, surfacing and external built environment work because our team of local experts provide the support and advice they need to make informed decisions about their hospital, health centre or care village.

With our detailed surveys and condition reporting methods we enable you to identify priorities, and understand the budgets required to complete the various elements specified in the project proposal. Our team of local experts will provide the support and advice you need to make an informed decision about the work you need for the external areas of your hospital, health centre or care village.

From urgent reactive works to rolling maintenance plans across the country geographic areas where your health and social care teams work – we can meet the unique needs of a healthcare establishment whilst being sensitive to crucial day to day operations.

We can even help should you be looking to extend or construct new external car parking and service areas. From topographic and GPS surveys, through architectural design and construction – NMC can take your scheme from concept to completion. Avoid problematic issues such flooding and poor traffic flow with a design that works around the existing conditions of your proposed site. We’ll even discuss seating, bicycle shelters and adequate lighting to enhance the visitor experience, and to show patients and their families that you care about their safety and well-being.

Whatever you need your experienced account manager remains your key point of contact and is always on the end of a phone when you require advice and support. That’s why we’re the only outside expertise you will ever need to call.

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